Less short, still sweet



Madonna - Ghosttown, ADG Award nominee 2016 

Coldplay - Magic, ADG Award nominee 2015

Treasure of the Black Jaguar, Jury's UK distribution price, Raindance Festival London 2009

The Raveonettes, Stage design Roskilde Festival Denmark, UK Tour (At the permanent exhibition at the music museum in Copenhagen)     2005

PISTVAKT (a theatre soap opera, winner of the Swedish EVA award for best play in 1996, transferred to TV in 1997)  1996- 2001                                                                                                                                                 

Playing With Fire, QMW Award for best design, 1998 

A Market of Miracles after W. Symborska       1997           This piece was shown at the Malmo Theatre Festival in 1998 and at the

New York Fringe Festival 1999

Interior design (award for Bar "pick up" in Stockholm)       1995

Richard III by W. Shakespeare, Helsinki Act Festival, Dir.: L. Tunnstrom    1994

Dear Friends Film, Sweden, runner up, Munich Film Festival       1993



LAMDA, London, England     2001 - 2002

Stage/Set design (MA)

Also lecturer for design at the faculty from 2002 - 2005

TBV school, Stockholm, Sweden      1992

Swedish & social studies

L'ecole de la chambre syndicale de la haute couture parisienne, Paris, France   1989 - 1991

Fashion design/Haute Couture (BA)                                                                                                                                                                   

Hainberggymnasium, Gottingen, Germany 1979 - 1989

Majors: fine arts, chemistry, history, German                                                                                   



Margaretha Nicholson      Stylist, Stockholm           1994

Dramatiska Institutet     Stage and set design 

  teacher, Sockholm 1993

Lee Edelkoort             Trend scout, Paris           1992

Opera Comique             Costume design, Paris        1991

Christian Dior            Fashion design, Paris        1991


E M P L O Y M E N T      H I S T O R Y


Messias, Film UK (in production)

BARE, Film UK/Ireland (pre production)

Unwanted Dog, Film USA/UK (pre production)

Desiree's Dream, Film USA (pre production) 

MOM, short USA 

Ride the Tiger, Music Short USA 

The Treasure of the Black Jaguar, Film USA

Prout, Short USA

Miracle Man, Film USA

Pistvakt, film Sweden                                                                                                   

Old Dog, film U.K. 

Pistvakt - a winters tale, TV - series Sweden    1999 - 2004

Evo  Film USA                    

Much agony about nothing,  Film, Sweden

The Suburbs,  Film, Sweden   

Dear Friends,  Film, Sweden, 2nd place Munich Film Festival  

Catboy,  Film Sweden     

Coffee & Cigarettes,  Film, Sweden



Gwen Stefani

'make me like you'


  'Ghost town'(nominated for ADG Award 2016)


'Magic' (nominated for ADG Award 2015)

'True Love'




Noel Gallagher's High Flying birds 

'the death of you and me'

'if I had a gun'

'AKA - what a life' 

'dream on'

'everybody's on the run'

'do the damage'

Delta Rae

'dance in the graveyards'

'morning comes'

Black Mountain

'old fangs' 


'crazy kids"

'die young' 


'knights of shame'




Desperados beer, Beatz bt Dr. Dre, Allstate, Bud light, Carl's Jr., Citroën, Toyota, Volvo, Chiquita Bananas, Arla Milk, Adidas, Uth/Jigsaw, Levi's, Nike, Opel/Vauxhall, Phillips, Pripps, Swedish Telecom (Telia), Guinness and others  ** 

 **Positions held in the world of moving pictures include: Production Designer, Art directorDirector, Costume Designer, Stylist and others




Gorgeous Productions  London

The Cobden Club      London

Harry's Social Cub/Portobello Beach          London

Tom & Dick's            London

Bar Pick up        Stockholm

Theatre Foyer, Pistol Theatre         Stockholm


Mandarina Duck  (bags, apparel) London, Bologna  Manager, Visual merchandising   2001

Uth/Jigsaw menswear Covent Garden, London, Manager      1997 - 2001

General Manager, Concert Guide Stockholm      1993 - 1995

Layout & Design Concert Guide Berlin     1993 ? 1994

Computer skills: indeed

Languages: Swedish, German, English, French, some Italian, Spanish, and Dutch

Driver's Licence: clean 



Paul E. Richards Theater Place, LA

Sad Happy Sucker By Lee Kirk       Dir.: Sean Gunn          2007/2009

Linbury Studio

Three birds alighting in a field By T. Wertenbaker          Dir.:C. Bonham ? Carter  2005

Mary Barnes by D. Edgar      Dir.: P. Cherns   2005

Cloud 9 by Caryl Churchill     Dir.: C. Cook    2005

Les Mains Salles by J.P. Sartre    Dir.: L. Zimbke       2004

Heartplay/Quartett  by H. Muller      Dir.: L. Zimbke    2004

BAC, Liquid Theatre, London

Crave by S. Cane        Dir.: M. Peover      2003/04

Molly?s Dream  by E. Flouton      Dir.: E. Flouton       2003

Cowboy Mouth by S. Shepard      Dir.: M. Peover      2002

Endgame by S. Beckett       Dir.: M. Peover      2002

Jermyn Street Theater, London

People who don?t do dinner parties By Guy Picot      Dir.: M. Gray            2003

Blackheath Halls, London

The Threepenny Opera by K. Weill/ B. Brecht     Dir.: J. Lunn      2002

Diorama, London

?O? by S. Broberg      Dir.: A. Ostergren       2002

MacOwen Theatre, London

Miss Else by A. Schnitzler        Dir.: A. Ostergren       2002

Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh

The 5th Booth by S. Coomes       Dir.: G. Lagden    2002

C - Cubed, Edinburgh

Messenger by A. Shepherd      Dir.: A. Ostergren    2002

The Harold Pinter Studio, QMW, London

Sure Thing by D. Ives  Dir.: A. Ostergren     2001 

The Stronger by A. Strindberg       Dir.: A. Ostergren      2001

Boy Meets Girl by W. Wasserstein     Dir.: A. Ostergren         2001

Playing with Fire by A. Strindberg      Dir.: A. Ostergren       2000

Heartplay by H. Muller       Dir.: A. Ostergren     2000       

Mortal by L. Noren   Dir.: A. Ostergren           2000

Sodra Theatern, Stockholm

Room and Time by B. Strauss    Dir.: M. Andersson        1997

Theatre Collective Rex, Stockholm

Final Station by H. Zettergren      Dir.: H. Zettergren    1997

Lido, Stockholm (also Malmö and New York)

A Market of Miracles after W. Symborska   Dir.: A. Onofri    1997

The Peacock Theatre, Stockholm

The Chairs by e. Ionescou   Dir.: S. Kander    1995

The Pistol Theatre, Stockholm

Pistvakt by L. Lindstrom      Dir.: L. Jaekhel (A theatre soap opera, winner of the Swedish EVA award for best play in 1996)      1997 - 2001

Little Egypt by L. Seiffert     Dir.: T. Nordstrom       1996

Bryggvakt by L. Lindstrom,   Dir.: T. Nordstrom A parody of Baywatch, Theatre soap opera in three parts     1995 

Waiting for Godot by S. Beckett      Dir.: T. Nordstrom    1995

Richard III   by W. Shakespeare      Dir.: L. Tunnstrom      1994

With the Heart in Your Hand by W. Majakoskij     Dir.: F. Risberg      1994

Resident Designer and Stage Manager at the theatre from 1994 - 1996

TheGoGoPez Theatre, Stockholm

Hiroshima Mon Amour by M. Duras     Dir.: C. Lagerstrom     1995

Comrades by A. Strindberg   Dir.: C. Lagerstrom      1994



MacOwan Theatre

Blood Wedding by F. Garcia Lorca       Dir.: H. Kaut ? Howsen          Designer

Spring awakening by F. Wedekind         Dir.: Gadi Roll       Designer

Suburbia by E. Bogosian         Dir.: G. Jones           Co Designer

The School of Night by A. Whelan      Dir.: A. Mullen          Co Designer

Loveplay by M. Buffini      Dir.: F. Buffini       Co Designer

Cabaret by J. Masteroff, J. Kander        Dir.: S. Jameson     Associate Designer, Scenic Art

The Master and Margaritha by M. Bulgakov      Dir.: H. Kaut - Howsen        Assistant Designer

The Crucible by Arthur Miller     Dir.: P. Cherns      Assistant Designer

Dissocia by A. Neilson       Dir.: A. Neilson         Designer

The Marriage of Figaro by P.A. Beaumarchais      Dir.: H. Kaut - Howsen        Scenic Artist

The London Cuckolds by T. Johnson      Dir.: A. Mullen       Scenic Artist

Love for Love by W. Congreve      Dir.: P. Barnard        Scenic Artist